Last Revised:

     April 2012
IT Asset Conservancy


Computing Assets are the installed computing resources that form the engine that powers the
business processes. These assets are extensive and too important just to be left in the care of the IT

The computing environment has changed. The focus has been on new projects and expenditures
while the backbone of the business has been neglected. There must be processes that ensure the
effective use of these established resources. The competitive ability of the organization depends
upon the effective delivery of these resources to the business processes.

A Conservancy program comprises a diverse set of participants performing oversight and
maintenance activities. All must be coordinated and supported by quality information that ensures an
effective program.

To ensure the viability of the business, it is necessary to have a Conservancy program for the
Computing Assets. Activities and participants within the program will require information that not only
supports the activities but delivers quality values in terms that are familiar to the participants.

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