July 10, 2013

The World of IT Financial

Savannah Marriott
Riverfront Hotel

Savannah, GA
Cost Transparency for
      IT Managed Services
For many organizations, the individual business units provide their own services and use the central
IT group for related support. While this distributed use of resources is effective, it is costly and is
growing out of favor. The current trend is to relocate the autonomous business services into a central
location and have them managed by a single group. This is forcing some IT groups to provide
Managed Services for the first time. IT will now incur the responsibility to deliver services to the
business units, and to minimize the associated costs. This requires the use of a centralized platform
(such as a Software Defined Datacenter) and injects a new complexity for using shared resources
among multiple business units. The ability to identify who is using what and at what cost will be
In this session we will:
     -- Define what is IT Managed Services
     -- Define a platform for IT Managed Services
     -- Discuss the Service Catalog and Cost Allocation issues
     -- Discuss the implications for budgets and forecasts
     -- Discuss a model for IT Cost Transparency
At the completion of this session you will have a good understanding of IT Managed Services and the
associated requirements for Cost Transparency. This will assist you in developing a plan for
centralized services along with the ability to manage the cost of these services in a business manner.


           ITFMA 2013 - Summer