Costing Expertise
With a basis in the
Capacity Management, we
have intuitively integrated
financial and operation
information to deliver a
complete solution for IT
Cost Transparency. We
specialize only in IT
Costing, and we never
waver from that focus.

Client Solutions
Each client is different and
requires a different
solution to their costing
problems. We not only
provide product and
services, but we also
provide the care and
support resulting in an
effective IT Cost
Transparency program.
Resource Guidance:
     What We Do
We specialize in the Costing of IT Shared Resources. Shared Resources can now consist of
commodity (Open Systems), proprietary (mainframes or specialized solutions), or some combination
of both (Software Oriented Architecture). A single Resource can also be shared in a dedicated and/or
community manner.
     We understand these sharing requirements and utilize Metering and Workload technologies for our
offerings. These technologies allow us to accurately attribute community based usage for one or
more systems, even if they are different platforms or processing power. Our solutions allow a client
to know relevant technical and cost information in support of IT requirements that include:
          •  IT Cost Transparency
          •  ITIL Service Management
          •  Capacity Management
          •  Chargeback / Showback Information
          •  Bill of IT

There are several ways that our clients can leverage their Costing requirements:
          •  Local Installation: This option allows for an in-house solution that is in complete
              control of the client. The client also has unlimited access to the report design, ad-hoc
              analysis, and other capabilities of the product. This option is best suited for the larger
              clients seeking an in-house Costing solution.
          •  Offsite Services: This is a suite of customized services that are performed offsite for a
              client that needs a Costing solution. The client performs the data collection, but we
              provide the Costing process. This option is best suited for the smaller clients seeking a
              Costing solution but do not have the resources or desire for a formal in-house capability.
          •  Consulting: We provide consulting services that assist clients in defining their Costing
              requirements. These services are suitable for any size client, and can be provided
              both onsite and offsite.


We offer two types of products that can be installed locally by the client: Agents and the Value
Manager. The agents are provided free of charge and allow for the collection of information from
different platforms. The list of supported platforms includes: AIX, Solaris, Windows, etc. The Windows
agent will also collect the information regarding SQL Server and Exchange.
     The Value Manager product is available on a subscription basis and is installed locally on a client’s
Windows based system (PC). The local product installation allows the client to control all the Cost
processing required for their business needs. The client has access to the business centric tables that
can be updated when required, and allows for up-to-date business metrics.
     With the Value Manager, the client has access to the in-built report designer, data analysis and
export functions, and the other capabilities that are required for Costing oversight. These capabilities
provide the most leverage for the IT group.


While services are normally performed offsite, it is also possible to arrange for special services to be
performed onsite. Regardless, the services provided are customized to the client’s requirements.
     The range of services performed is based on a client’s needs. The on-going services generally
consist of those services that would normally be performed by the client in-house. This includes the
importing of data and the generation of the reports on a regular basis. Reporting frequency is
normally monthly, but could also be quarterly, annually or some other frequency as required.
     For services, there is generally a set up process that is required. During this process we will meet
with the client either onsite or via web conferencing. The client will be guided through the process in a
manner that ensures the client’s needs are met. Based on the client’s requirements, several service
options will be provided allowing for an “ala carte” Costing process.


It is not possible to define all the consulting services that we can provide as they are tailored for the
client from our solutions, but they will generally be based on the client’s Costing requirements. All
that is necessary is a need for Costing information by a client and we will be able to tailor a
consulting program that will leverage the skills and/or knowledge of the organization.
     Some of the consulting services that can be provided include:
          •  Costing Program Definition and Setup
          •  Service Catalog Definition and Support
          •  System Normalization
          •  Metering Education and Setup
          •  Chargeback / Showback Systems
          •  Bill of IT