April 18, 2012

Financial World of
Information Technology

Sheraton Fisherman's
Wharf Hotel

San Francisco, CA
Using a Metered Approach for the
     Costing of Shared Resources
The use of a Chargeback/Showback system is generally associated with some type of mainframe
environment. Due to the nature and cost of mainframes, they were an ideal vehicle for use in a
shared manner. However, with the advent of Open Systems, SOA, Virtual Systems, and other
technologies, the use of shared resources has increased while the ability to attribute shared cost has
decreased. Traditional Chargeback/Showback methods do not easily translate to the new
technologies resulting in the inability to measure and/or compare Heterogeneous Systems. This
situation can be remedied by using a Metered approach for the Costing of these new technologies.

In this session we will:
     -- Discuss Heterogeneous System measurement issues and System Normalization
     -- Discuss Cost Issues (TCO, Expenses, etc.), Rate considerations, and Cost Perspectives
        (Functional, Operational, User, Chargeback/Showback, etc.)
     -- Define a Metering program for Heterogeneous System environments
     -- Discuss Rate Formation and Meter Measurements (Native, Standard, etc.)

At the completion of this session you will have a good understanding of Metering and how it can be
applied to a Heterogeneous system environment. This knowledge can be used for a Costing Model
that results in a “Bill of IT” that can be used in a Service Catalog and/or Chargeback/Showback

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